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A brief on The Women on Boards Network The Women on Boards Network is an initiative aimed at promoting and encouraging women into Board leadership. The Network provides a platform that will bring together women from diverse fields and ranks; facilitate those already...
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Global Women on Boards Programme

The Women on Boards Network has partnered with Lead Women of Malaysia, to bring forth a six-month programme designed to equip new and aspiring women directors with the required competencies, knowledge and safe network platforms to enable them to create unique value...
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Board Talk

Our Board Talk event awaits your presence. We look forward to hosting you as we aim to understand the power of self awareness in various environments, with a special focus on the boardrooms. Speaker: Ms. Njoki Muhoho Topic: Increasing Self Awareness: Using...
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The Women on Boards Network celebrates our members who have been appointed through the...
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Women in senior management positions are no longer afraid of taking up leadership opportunities that come their way. They are eager to serve and bring positive change in the industries they serve. The Conference is meant to empower participants and share emerging Boardroom trends that one ought to prepare for.

The theme highlights growth that the Network, and its members have experienced since the 2014 launch. Members are making it happen and it ought to matter. The Network is not just about ensuring the implementation of the Two-Third Gender Rule, but is about ensuring that women who take up the leadership roles are qualified, and able to deliver positive results. This theme aims at encouraging women to leave a legacy when moving to explore new opportunities and be the change that they want to see.

We look forward to enlightening sessions that will have a rippling effect across all sectors, and a future that embraces Board diversity. We look forward to empowering you! 


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