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The Women on Boards Network is an initiative aimed at promoting and encouraging Women into board leadership. It provides a platform that brings together women from diverse fields and ranks; facilitate those already sitting on Boards to effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities, and up skill and prepare for the boardroom those women who are already in senior leadership roles, but are not yet sitting on any boards.It therefore seeks to support the enhancement of leadership skills in women so as to increase the diversity on Boards. As a member, You will enjoy discounted rates at our forums and access to our Monthly newsletter.

Membership categories:
Our registration fee is 15,000/= paid only once
Annual subscription is 10,000/= paid annually


The junior membership under the Women on Boards Network is a young adult program constituting youth between the age of 11 and 24 years of age.

Junior membership is built on the idea of infusing age diversity into the boardroom, training and inspiring future board leaders, advising the board on social change and trends.

Having this program is part of the Women on Boards Network planning for the future and the risk that might come with it.

In this program the juniors are taught everything in regards to leadership and Corporate trainings.

Who needs Junior membership:                                                                                          

  • Juniors in University and College levels seeking offices can get leadership training and mentorship.
  • Juniors seeking to establish their careers
  • Juniors aspiring to be future board leaders.
  • Juniors seeking to venture into volunteering spaces

The benefits accrued by this membership include:

  • Mentorship camps that will offer career/professional advice
  • They will be brought in into the Women on Boards Network Board spaces/meeting in order to experience and get practice on how Board proceedings go by.
  • Networking
  • Volunteer opportunities that would expose them to leadership and career trainings. E.g. Internship

Why does Junior membership matter:

  • It is a means by which Women on Boards Network ensures the women in Board spaces stay relevant in a world that is constantly changing.
  • It ensures that the future is assured of good leadership that is equipped with the necessary skills to survive.
  • It enables their current capacity be fulfilled with knowledge of how to develop themselves as they journey into the future.

Our registration fee is 2,000/= paid only once
Annual subscription is 1,000/= paid annually
As a member, You will enjoy discounted rates at our forums and access to our Monthly newsletter.