The Women on Boards Network

Global Women on Boards Programme


The Women on Boards Network has partnered with Lead Women of Malaysia, to bring forth a six-month programme designed to equip new and aspiring women directors with the required competencies, knowledge and safe network platforms to enable them to create unique value and innovation for boards.The programme  opens regional and international board opportunities for women while connecting two of the largest global markets, Asia and Africa. GWOB is a programme committed to supporting women’s career goals and aspirations by providing a platform that empowers them to grow and develop continuously as great leaders and role models for the next generation.

WHAT gwob DOes

  • We transform the board recruitment process by bringing together potential women candidates and corporations and facilitating placement of capable women into senior leadership and board positions of private, non-profit and public-listed organizations
  • We organise leadership development workshops for our members. This interactive forum allows members to connect with peers and the experts to discuss topics concerning business or board.
  • We hold quarterly networking events for members to raise their industry profile, be the first to know the latest updates and find new business opportunities

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