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The first Junior Membership Program webinar commenced with an amazing presentation from MS. Winnie Njenga, Executive Director of The African Council for Accreditation and Accountability  (AfCAA). She broke down to the juniors eight principles for success post Covid-19.

  1. Foundation – is everything

At this age, what we seek most is a sense of acceptance and inclusion. This would involve a lot of grouping and peer pressure.

The key to a successful future even after Covid-19 is building a strong foundation. Take a stand on something or an ideology that is firm. It can be your faith, your convictions or your values.

Take advantage of this time now that you are away from your peers and affirm these foundations. Make them strong so that when you are finally get to experience the pressure, you are well prepared .

  1. Governance

What are your guiding sets of principles for your life’s decision making?

Setting guidelines, rules  will help you regulate what you ought to do and what you ought not to do.

Do you have regulations for your education success when you get back to school?  Do you have rules about relationships? Do you have a standard for your life?

  1. Managing resources

This is a good time to learn about money. What do you have in your hands? How to write a budget? How to manage what you have? How to control your spending,  poor financial habits to avoid?

Don’t just save, invest. Begin with what you have. There are online trading platforms  that aid in growing wealth. Begin there.

  1. Learning

Since most of us are in school, learn to invest in your school work. Make a habit of writing journals and reading book of interest and expand your knowledge.  Become an expert in something and seek people in that field of interest. Use your net to grow.

  1. Innovation

What solution to real life issues can you think of? What business idea can you think of ?

Join a hub of creative thinkers and innovators.

  1. Talent and gift management

Talents are too rare to be wasted. It’s the most expensive currency and not obvious to everyone.

Take time to discover your talents, write down how to employ them.

  1. Managing difference

Learn to appreciate the differences in people. Learn to listen and not just hear, in order to  understand the other persons view to manage the difference.

  1. Gathering new resources-network

Be willing to learn by reaching out to those who are more stable than you. Life is about learning.


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